Les Miserables 2024

Set against the backdrop of 19thcentury France, Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption – a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit.  Seen by more than 130 million people worldwide and featuring one of the greatest scores of all time, with thrilling and beloved songs including I Dreamed a Dream, On My Own, One Day More and Do You Hear the People Sing this epic and uplifting story has become one of the most celebrated musical in theatrical history.  Epic, grand and uplifting, Les Misérables packs an emotional wallop that has thrilled audiences all over the world, breaking box office records everywhere.

Les Miserables is directed by Regan Jackson, and musically directed by Jo Castelow.

NBS are the proud sponsors of Variety Theatre Ashburton’s production of Les Misérables

Cast for May 2024

The cast includes Luke Glendining, Aaron Boyce, Briar Patrick, Warwick Shillito, Libby Higson, Ethan Chittock, Ben Robertson, Annalise Robertson, Kimberley Fenton, Samantha McArthur, Kasey Higson, Sarah Yeoman, Tenielle Booth, Emily Jane Farr, Emma Gilkison, Julia Lusty, Kate Galbraith, Kelsey Jackson, Kim De Joux, Murran Carter Buller, Summah Ralston, Tamsin Cartney, Victoria Chappell, Cam Sutcliffe, Matt Williams, Ab Jay Baltazar, Eddie Galbraith, Hal Twiname, Ian Jerao, Joe Danielson, Michael Egleton, Neil Flux, Paul Fidow, Robert Aker, Wiremu Kefe-Paul, Amarlie Fletcher, Eva Wells, Anna Wells, Cammy Jones, Max Walters and Ben Wilson.

Onstage in May at the Ashburton Event Centre Tickets are on sale NOW!

PopZilla 2023

Popzilla is a Song and Dance show complied by Jessie Thomson and Jo Castelow for November 2023.

The Cast includes 

Sophie Kettley, Tenielle Booth, Shayna Cairns, Murran Buller, Sarah Yeoman, Kelsey Jackson, Libby Higson, Samantha McArthur, Emma Petrie, Kim De Joux, Summah Ralston, Robert Aker, Matt Williams, Eddie Galbraith, Joe Danielson, Kasey Higson, Emily-Jane Farr, Tamsin Cartney, Fran Clara , Ella Shanks, Anna Gray, Kendall Lee, Charlotte McDowell, Sophie Urquhart, Amarlie Fletcher, Bethany Lowe, Tegan O’Neill, Molly Harrison, Maddison Davidson, Holly Burrowes, Chloe Graham, Emma Armour and Solly Carins 

The Wizard of Oz 2023

Variety Theatre Ashburton staged The Wizard of Oz in May 2023.

Director/ Choreographer Madison Thew-Keyworth and Musical Director Chris Woods.

The Cast 

Shayna Cairns, Matt Williams, Joe Danielson, Paul Fidow, Kim Vessey, Emily Jane Farr, Peter Livingstone, Dayle Stoliker, Izzy Harris, Summah Ralston, Kate Galbraith, Audra Coellar, Teresa Copsey, Amelia Harris, Anna Gray,Kelsey Jackson, Jessie Thomson, Liz Wells, Sarah Yeoman, Tamsin Cartney, Tiffany McRae, Jordan Imms-Protheroe, Isabelle Baird, Matilda Farr, Ella Kaia Raharuhi, Charlotte Nicholas Sparrow, Aubrey Mitchell Milmine, Molly Harrison, Holly Burrowes, Amelia Cosgrove, Amarlie Fletcher, Anna Wells, Olivia Rossiter, Zoe Prince, Isabelle Morton, Brooklyn Milmine Mitchell, Solly Carins and Shelby

School Of Rock 2023

Variety Theatre Ashburton have unfortunately canceled the season of  ‘School of Rock’ in May of 2023 due to the ongoing effects of Covid 19

Show dates were to be May 20th- 27th 2023

Jesus Christ Superstar October 2022

In association with The Ashburton Trust Event Centre, Variety Theatre Ashburton staged Jesus Christ Super from October 1st- October 8th 2022

Directed by Roger Farr, Musically Directed by Jo Castelow and Choreographed by Julia Bell 

The Cast 

Matt Williams, Chris Woods, Murran Carter Buller,  Pete Lee, Luke Glendining, Dayle Stoliker, Neil Flux, Brent Gray, David Henderson, John Hobson, Heath Walters, Sophie Kettley, Joe Danielson, Eddie Galbraith, Lawrence McCormick, Kate Galbraith, Kim De Joux, Summah Ralston, Dan Wilson, Emily Jane Farr, Amy Dean, Tiffany McRae, Nicole Johnson, Anna Tonks, Shayna Olsen, Mackenzie Lightwood, Zoe Lindsay, Tenielle Booth, Audra Cuellar, Ian Jerao, Molly Milmine, Anna Gray, Kasey Higson, Peter Murray, Eddie Still, Kathyrn Bowler, Rochelle Castle-Wilson, Tamsin Cartney, Emma Gilkison, Rebecca Perkins, Ella Thomas, Philippa Young, Elizabeth Wells, Kelsey Jackson, Maria Lawn, Sheree Tait, Letica Joy, Sally Farr, Ruth Swansbury, Nicola Rosanowski, Sheilena McDonnell, Max Walters, Brooklyn Mitchell-Milmine, Aubrey Mitchell-Milmine, Mike Ferrar, Peter Cairns, Les Donaldson, William Lowe, Stephen Diedricks and Jo Castelow

Born Free – The Oscar Winners May 2022

Born Free – The Oscar Winners was onstage at The Ashburton Event Centre May 26th-29th of May 2022.

Directed and Musical Directed by Kathi Craig and Choreographed by Jessie Thomson 

The cast

Chris Woods, Matt Williams, Luke Glendining, Joe Danielson, Murran Buller, Sarah Yeoman, Emma Gilkison, Bryony Digby, Leanne Gilchard, Kasey Higson, Libby Higson, Tenielle Booth, Kim Vessey, Sophie Kettley, Linda Young, Vicky Johnson, Anna Tonks, Kim De Joux, Jess Bleach, Moana Moore, Molly Milmine, Ella Shanks, Dama De Villalobos, Anna Gray, Alyssa Gilbert and Leah Maw