Jesus Christ Superstar 2021/2022

In association with The Ashburton Trust Event Centre, Variety Theatre Ashburton are proud to be staging Jesus Christ Superstar

Unfortunately due to the on going Covid restrictions the March season of Jesus Christ Superstar has been canceled.

Born Free – The Oscar Winners

Born Free – The Oscar Winners onstage at The Ashburton Event Centre May 26th-29th of May 2022.

The following have been cast

Chris Woods, Matt Williams, Luke Glendining, Joe Danielson, Murran Buller, Sarah Yeoman, Emma Gilkison, Bryony Digby, Leanne Gilchard, Kasey Higson, Libby Higson, Tenielle Booth, Kim Vessey, Sophie Kettley, Linda Young, Vicky Johnson, Anna Tonks, Kim De Joux, Jess Bleach, Moana Moore, Molly Milmine, Ella Shanks, Dama De Villalobos, Anna Gray, Alyssa Gilbert and Leah Maw

Tickets are on sale now at The Ashburton Event Centre.

School Of Rock 2023

Variety Theatre Ashburton will be producing ‘School of Rock’ in May of 2023.

Show dates will be May 20th- 27th 2023

If you have any questions or queries regarding ‘School Of Rock’ Please get in contact